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Now there’s a place to tell your story, whether you’re buying, selling, renting, renovating or just real-estate-curious.

Real estate has an exciting social life

Making an offer? Setting a price? Renovating? Before you invest in a new place or start a big remodel, talk it over, dig into the specs and dish on the design with friends, neighbors, designers, brokers, contractors — the whole network of people who live, breathe, and love real estate.

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    Home profiles,
    not listings

    Newsflash: Listings are listless. Written to sell. But your home has a life and a story that’s a lot more interesting than a listing. At Homesy, you can turn your passion for your home into a vibrant digital profile that helps you accelerate a sale, discover new homes and neighborhoods, or just keep track of your personal home data — everything that makes your home yours.


    Valuations & estimates that build trust

    Accurate appraisals and estimates aren’t easy to get — especially if you’re just starting to think about moving. So before you start placing bids or tearing down walls, find out what your home (or that place you’ve got your eye on) is really worth, room-by-room, across hundreds of data points that include the amenities you can’t live without. Create detailed room specs, use our cost-to-value remodel tool, then share with your network.

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    Your Stories

    You get a vibe for a place. When I bought my Park Slope apartment I had a gut feeling. I saw a lot of places and then walked into this one and said, ‘this is it.’
    We’ve changed our listing price three times. There are tremendous disparities between Redfin, Zillow and brokers’ estimates. We still don’t know if we’re priced accurately because it varies so much.
    Our broker showed us comps, but the homes were in horrible condition. They were probably sold for land or as fixer-uppers. Totally inaccurate.
    A renovation company bait-and-switched me, bringing in a different contractor than the one I originally met. Poor work and professionalism. Such a frustrating and costly mistake.
    None of the listings reflect what we know about our house … we’ve got a gorgeous gourmet kitchen and I don’t want it compared to a kitchen from the 1950s, y’all!

    Bring the crowd home 

    Real estate isn’t just about bare walls. Our homes are our sanctuaries. We live there and dream there, and making changes — big changes like moving or remodeling or small changes like painting a wall — can be some of the toughest decisions we ever make, which is why we need our friends, family, neighbors, helpful agents, designers — anyone who shares our passion for real estate. Homesy is the destination for doing it all live and in real time, with video open houses and chats that give creators & influencers real access to the real estate economy. Welcome home, Everyone.


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    Put a stop to real estate phone tag with powerful chat tools that get everyone — buyers & sellers, brokers & lawyers, designers & contractors — on the same page in RT.
    Really, smart homes
    What’s smart? AI that connects thousands of home data touchpoints in real time to guide you through those tough buy or build decisions.
    Let the sunshine in
    Fewer homes and skyrocketing prices? We need the real deal. Homesy is a community committed to building trust, transparency, and affordability.
    A digital home for your home
    Unlock the door to Personal Home Data. Build your profile to keep a system of record, for you, your contractors — even future buyers.
    Ain’t no party like a house party
    We’re making real estate come alive with real time audio/video open houses you can pop by, even if you’re 1,000 miles away.
    Private, until you open the door
    Feel safe in your Homesy. Share — or anonymize — your name and address on any post, any time, for any reason.

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