What’s Homesy?

A social network where you learn about real estate in real time by connecting directly with other buyers and sellers across your neighborhood or anywhere in the US.

What makes Homesy social?

In a word: Communication! Homesy is the community for anyone who wants to make smart real estate decisions and the freshest, most unbiased information about homes to communicate directly with other buyers, sellers, brokers and real estate pros, and anyone else who’s got real estate knowledge to share. Whether you’re actively in-market or just thinking about where you’ll live in the future, you’ll find other users who recognize the value of creating profiles that dive into the details of what makes their home great in words and pictures. Unlike traditional listings, Homesy lets everyone comment on these posts and stories.

What can I do on Homesy?

Discover homes in more depth and color than any listing.
Build your own profile of your home, with every detail interesting to you.
Get info about neighborhoods, streets, and buildings from people who actually live there.
Find out about so-called pocket or whisper listings before they go on the market.
Find the most optimal sales price by talking directly to buyers and neighbors right there!
Find the best brokers, contractors, and banks committed to helping you.
Build and share a dream card that captures your favorite houses, rooms, and designs from your phone, websites, friends.
Get up to date information on costs and valuations from people in new locations.

Don’t be the last to know. Get Homesy.

Is Homesy free?

Homesy is and always will be free. It’s a community for consumer discovery and relies on a network of users to build a strong and sustainable source of real estate knowledge by and for its users.

Where does Homesy get the basic information for my home?

We use ATTOM, a widely regarded real estate database culled from public mortgage and neighborhood records.

Can renters use Homesy?

Absolutely! While we have not yet deployed our rental solution, we welcome you to manually create a profile at your address or simply browse the feed and profiled homes.

Is Homesy safe?

We want to ensure everyone feels welcome and safe and is treated with kindness and respect on Homasy That’s why we’ve published Community Standards: outlining how we expect our users to behave here, with clear expectations about what is and isn’t allowed on Homesy.

We also recognize that some may not want to post details of their home with their real name and address. That’s why we’ve made it possible for you to anonymize your name (in User Profiles) and “generalize” your address to show it only within your zip code. In our next iteration, you’ll also be able to toggle which (if any) posts you want to be seen or hidden.